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To drum or disc it


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Jul 1, 2013
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Hello everyone, so a 101 question.

I have drums brakes at the back and have always had the opinion that they are better with heavy loads at the back since there is a lot more stopping surface on the shoes compared to what a caliper on a disc would offer.

Flip side is that drums get hot faster and stay hot longer (even though the fade is reduced disc's it's noticible for sure ).

On my last trip a few weeks back, I had hoped to drive about 400 miles overnight, but in the hills, fully loaded up, after about 200 miles I found myself having to stop for breaks every 50 to 60 miles for an hour to let things cool down.

Today, took the drums out and had a look at the pads etc, it's not bad in there. A bit of brake dust but otherwise fine. Bad o have a handbrake that works too.

Wondering if it's worth swapping to disc's at the back to match the front ? I have done a fair few trips now, this was literally the first time I have had this fade or any concern whatsoever with the brakes.

School me!
I would think m troopy has the same drums and can't say I have ever had a problem with them, but it good be the brake proportioning valve is making the rear do all the work maybe
Rear drums on my 40 and 60’s have been great for most conditions.
But the drums did suffer when repeatedly submerged during stream crossings.
But in all other situations they are good. The handbrake is also as good if not better than the 80’s that I had, but does need annual adjustment.
If i were fully laded in mountainous terrain though I would be more confident with discs all round.
So depends on the target use I would say?
I’ve got drum brakes on the back of my 1995 HZJ 80 Euro spec...

As said, the biggest difference I could imagine would be the drum brakes not working as well after wading, compared with discs.

My handbrake works well, but needs regular adjustment to keep it working. It lasts about the same interval as the oil changes, about 8- 10,000 km.

I’ve never had a problem with them overheating though, as said, I think you should check / adjust the rear compensator.

Alternatively, would an 80 rear disc brake rear axle be a straight swap?
Thanks for the feedback guys, I am back in the UK middle of next week. Looks like a full.service for the drums is the way to go. Will check fluid quality and lines etc as well.
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