Training- only 1 place left now!



Hey Guys=2C
The training i'm organising is looking busy:
Group 1:
1: Pugwash- James Pugh
2: Wildsmith- Jon Wildsmith
3: Spindrift- Reinhard
4: Blobrob- Rob Wronski
Group 2:
1: Neil Lister
2: Andrew (C/O Neil on ELCO)
3: Danielle (C/O Neil on ELCO)
4: Grant (C/O Neil on ELCO)
Group 3:
1: JD (C/O Neil on ELCO)
2: Mikaela (C/O Neil on ELCO)
3: Bigyun - Steve (when i give the correct paypal address out)
just 1 place left now=2C although if desperate i could sit the training
out=2C sp we have 1 space definitely free=2C and one potentially free!
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Hi James,
I've missed this one, been out of action for 2 weeks and missed the emails.
I wouldn't have been able to make it anyways.
I'd be very interested if you run another one though, and interested to hear
people's experiences of this.
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