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Troopy electrical problems


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May 30, 2023
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Hi all,
I have a 2007 Troopy, after doing a trip I have lost Blower, rear brake and tail lights and after replacing the batteries and starting the engine I now have T Belt, fuel filter and battery warning lights on as well as no rear lights and blower.
any ideas ?
First thing to check would be all the fuses...

Why did you change the batteries? Did you jump start it at any point?

Were there any issues when changing the batteries - any possible shorts?

Does it start ok? What's the voltage at the battery once started?

The more info the better
Please start, before all else, with checking the mass/ground connection right beside the main battery (see picture: the screw bolted to the right into the plate work). Remove all (even) suspicion of corrosion between connecting terminators, plates, bolts etc. Check whether cable connections are firm (not 'secretely' broken). Assure a sufficiently thick mass cable.
Then, and only then, continue checking other more complicated things.


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