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Apr 9, 2010
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Well, where do I start? To puttis in perspective, I live in Northern Ireland, which, apparently to some retailers, might as well be in Outer Mongolia, despite being a part of the UK. :(
One would reasonably assume that in this day and age, and in the current recessional climate, that tyre suppliers and manufacturers would be keen to get their mitts on £300 of my hard earned. I have done a bit af research and based on my wife's RAV and her Bridgestone Duelers, I have settled on the Bridgestone D694 pattern tyre that is an A/T tyre that just suits my needs perfectly. Good on road but with an adquate amount of mud plugging ability.

I tried my 'usual' supplier...."yeah, Bridgestone are good. Should be able to get them within a few days". So a few weeks later I confirm him to order them. "Cant' get them. They're out of stock". OK put them on back order. I've a few weeks till MOT (actually 2 months and I knew this was all going to happen. Intuition).

A couple of weeks later. "Still none in stock and don't think they can get any". Crap. Not taking no for an answer. I tried the internet and not one dealer in England or NI has any in stock. I try Bridgestone UK and they say "yes, not very common tyre so we don't take many in. 3 coming next week and another 2 10 days after that". Fine says I and spread the word to the local dealer. The he tells me that he deals with Bridgestone Ireland. OK then, ask Bridgestone Ireland to order 2 or requisition them from UK when they arrive. "can't do that." Why not?

Try another dealer yesterday (he also deals with B Ire) and he was told by them, apparantly, that the 5 that have since arrived with UK have been sold and therefore allocated and not available for order. Suspicious, I try UK again this morning. "Yes sir, we have 5 in stock and available for order". WTF? :roll:

Back to dealer and explain it to him. (In the interim he has been hunting down Goodyear Wrantgler AT/SA tyres for me as an alternative). He goes "bloody hell. Leave it with me and I'll try to see what I can do." So in the interim again I call B Ire and the girl that answers immediatley recognises the query and says she has a request away to UK and is waiting a response....she also acknowledges that 2 dealers have been on with her. I explain it is for me and please get your shit together and that I have never had such a hard time trying to buy 2 tyres. It's not like Bridgestone is a back street manufacturing facility. FFS. :evil:

So, on the UK website, I spot perchance 'local dealers'. I click it and enter postcode and so on and lo another dealer comes up, Kwik-Fit. Calls him and spoke to Eddie. "no none in stock here. Let me check the, none there either". Eddie, do you deal with UK or Ire for Bridgestone tyres. "UK." Good. There are 5 in stock in UK awaiting someone to buy them. "Great he says. Then I can get them in 2 days or so usually". How much? "....pause....£145 each fitted. Do you want me to order them?" I'll get back to you before lunch time as I'm waiting a few replies back from others. "No problem. Just give me a call and I'll get them in". :shock:

And the thing is, he quotes £5 each cheaper than I was previously quoted. What the heck is going on? Looks like, for the first time in lots-of-years that I will be using Kwik-fit again. Talk about a frustrating PITA. I rarely take no for an answer and that proves why.
:o :o :o :roll: :roll: :roll: :!: :!: :!: :?: :?: :?:

Incidentally, has anyone ever had experience or D694 or Wrangler AT/SA tyres? Just curious.
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