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Turbo actuator


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Oct 10, 2022
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I have a examined my turbo and all seems fine
the only problem is that the actuator lever is totally stuck and immovable..I have tried lubricating and it wont budge.Dhame its a sealed unit!!
where can I get a replacement item
many thanks for advice
Maybe it's the variable vanes inside that are seized? Have you the turbo off the cruiser? It's hard to disconnect the actuator when attached to the turbo as the little clip holding it on is very difficult to remove in situ.
Yes turbo is out on bench! Its stuck with the flap closed..the thing is turning freely with no end play at all and i now think that the oil stains were from the breather and not that much anyway! Are you suggesting I open it up?
No don’t open it, I mistakenly assumed it was a variable vane turbo with electronic actuator. From your last post it seems to be a wastegate type turbo.

It’s pressure that open that actuator, the stem can be very stiff to pull or operate by hand. You can use an airline to carefully blow air into the actuator to see if it moves.

Or are you 100% sure the wastegate flap is seized due to rust / heat etc..

There’s usually a sticker on them actuators with the turbo part no. Usually begins with 17201-XXXXX, is that sticker there and what’s the no.?
Its original toyota 100 series.
the flap is definitely not stuck nor rusty…its the actuator where its stuck.(I released the actuator bolts and the flap is free)
I will take it to a garage to see if it opens on air pressure increase carefully.
I’ll read the sticker tomorrow and send to you!
Actuator from japan costs as much as complete recondition!
17201-17040 and there’s another number at bottom W791510!
Off to have pressure test!
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No facility to do test at my mechs gagarge so looking around today and see where to get test.What pressure is it supposed to open at?
It has moved at 15pounds pressure and we did not get any higher than 17pounds!
I thought this means its functioning ok??
I'd be surprised if your actuator is faulty, why did you suspect it was, because it was difficult to operate the rod by hand? They are difficult to move by hand.
if the flap opens, it doesn't open fully, just a bit, then it's ok. A vacuum / pressure gun like the one i linked is ideal for testing it, it will open it and hold it open and you can see if it leaks and closes back. Using an airline will just test the rod moves and isn't seized. It won't tell you if it leaks.

What did you use to test it?
an engineer friend has compressor around the pressure I mentioned .he said he uses it for some jobs fixing other compressors and just source of pressure!!
i will buy the gadget you suggest next week!there was some oil in the intake before the EGR and also on the turbo outlet pipe


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