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Tyre pressures in snow



Lal wanted to know more about the quick fit type of chains.
Lal, look here as an example and then click on fitting instructions.
There is always debate about which axle on which to fit them on a
4WD. I would always prefer to fit them on the back axle as it keeps
the vehicle straight when braking. If they are on the front and you
brake hard the back will slew sideways. I have seen this happen on
various makes. In training staff we have at times demonstrated the
folly of using them on the front axle on a 4WD before sending them
out onto mountain passes.
Its great if you fit them on both axles but it can encourage
over-confidence and you can eventually get stuck; and then you hope
that the rescuing vehicle is similarly equipped !
In Europe the Wiessenfels (I think the right spelling) are the most
common make. If you have a choice, then buy the type using a square
section wire for the links, and preferably comes with spare repair
links in the kit.
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus - with chains ready in the back for
the next huge UK snowfall.