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Tyre tread and pressures



Just some ideas to stir up debate now that the tyre pressure fox seems to
have gone to ground (to adapt another topical and politically incorrect
Well before it does Chris, I can't say much about preventing sideways
slippage, but do know the 'trac edge' type of tyres are often subject to
this problem. Naturally out here, often if we slip sideways then we get
very close to a sheer drop, but it does not often happen.
As for the Dunlop Grand Trek TG 35 M2, I forgot to say - and how could I -
that they are very good in snow and ice. I guess its always a tough call
for a manufacturer to balance multiple siping against premature wear, but
Dunlop appear to have got it right on this tread pattern at least. But if
anyone reading wants a really good snow tyre then search-out the Nokia
range. They are tops here for snow with blocky tread patterns and multiple
siping. Can't remember the name of the patterns, but like anything Finnish
it has lots of pppp's, kkk's and aaaa's in it. But you never seem to see
them advertised by the big 4WD tyre suppliers advertising in the UK mags.
Also I don't know if you follow political tittle-tattle out there, but
various people (eg Ken Livingstone + Lib Dems) are talking about banning
4x4s in towns, or at least charging more tax on them. That would go down
well here ... not!!
Yes, and I also read the opinions of 'Honest John' in the telegraph (wot a
geezer). He has a campaign against school run mums too, but he also says
that if London continue to install large speed ramps then the high
clearance car population will continue to grow. A good point.
Our greater problem here is to get all our roads covered in tarmac !
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus in Bosnia