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Tyres etc



JB wrote...
I am now going to think about these stop
gap sulutions for the rad and the tyres and the brand of tyres.
I don't think 'stop-gap' may be the right description, perhaps
'alternative' would be better. More a matter of being practical I think.
We also hear about folks using the 'right' Toy anti-freeze and the 'right'
oil for Japanese engines. Well, that may be OK if you have all those
choices round the corner. But I take perhaps an opposite view. The TLC is a
big rough tough truck designed for rough conditions in out of the way
places. The 80 is the one that pushed Land Rover down to the bottom of the
list in Oz cos it performed and stayed in one piece in the worst of
conditions - Marek may concur. My 80 keeps going without any crises and I
use whatever products that are to hand to keep it going. Availability of
anything to do the job (French supermarket anti-freeze, radiator anti-leak
additive, Castrol TXT oil, American fuel additive) is more the point than
the availability of the 'correct' solutions to maintenance or repair.
I think correct choice of tyres will be responsible for the performance you
are looking for rather than the lift you are giving your 80. But think back
to Julian's suggestion for an alternative set of wheels/tyres.
As for the boat, I have looked at the Grand Canal at Tullamore, even have a
book on the old waterways of your country, and they look interesting, I
might get there by water one day. Currently I am trying to gloss paint all
50ft of steel above the waterline - when the rain will let me !
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia, now sharing time between Alfold Surrey
and Tring Herts.