tyres & rad leaks



Simon wrote...
You have had real world
experience with them and if they were a danger for your drivers then you
were right to ditch them. I was wondering if the reason why they were being
offered at such a good deal to you was because they had messed up a batch of
compound and needed to get rid of them?
Thanks Simon, please believe me that I was just throwing-in some caution,
and no more. If they are the right price and suit your conditions then get
on and enjoy.
As for the tyres we had, it was more to do with a crooked logistics manager
than anything else. One of the problems we have in our field is 'skimming'
by local employees in whom we place trust. Not good when all funds are from
donations. Not long after he was fired, that was connected with him buying
a RAV4 at top-end price ! But that is another story.
Pleased you made progress with the rad. Don't worry about what all these
purists advise, there is enough research in these products to ensure they
will do no great harm to other parts of the engine, especially these big
old Toy units. I'm all for the low cost way out when there are viable
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia, now sharing time between Alfold Surrey
and Tring Herts - painting!
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