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I was following Benoit's comments this morning about tyre pressure, and
thought "well, pressures for 285/70R16 tyres *are* in the handbook", and
went to have a look. Of course he's right, they aren't because 275/70R16
is the standard size.

However having got the handbook into the office and read the technical
pages I thought I'd scan them in and post them online because there is a
lot of useful info in there, and many people with imports seem to be
minus a handbook, or to have one in Japanese.

They are on and are the seven "technical"
pages covering weights, towing, engine specs, valve clearances, fluids,
tyres and fuses.

Health warning: this is from my 1996 1HD-FT handbook for a UK-spec
vehicle, and while it gives info for several engines the 1HD-T is
conspicuous by its absence. Also the weights and towing info will be UK
specific. You'll have to interpolate for other models! But I hope they
are useful.

Christopher Bell
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