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Wanted : 60 series

Derek J

Active Member
May 8, 2010
Hi all I realise that most of you drive the newer models, but I was hoping that maybe one of you knew of a good clean 60/62 series for sale.

I thought I had one bought but that seems to have fallen through with no contact from the seller.

As the saying goes I have cash waiting for the right vehicle.

If all else fails I'm going to buy an 80 , before this obsession drives me mad.

Thanks Derek
Can't help you Derek but good luck anyway.
I would of course go with the 80 though :D
Thanks Andy I appreciate the reply I am looking for something a bit fresher bodywork wise. I may look for the Holy Grail while i'm at it, I reckon it would be easier to find.
That one does look like it might need a bit of TLC!
It's been advertised for about 6 months, so is probably a heap.
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Ha ha!!! I spotted that one too Matt but thought it looked ropier than the one on the farm!!! :cool:
I very nearly bought that one off e-bay from the previous owner, very glad I didn't.

I check the auction sites through the day on my iPhone. The wife wants to know why I can't have a normal mid life crisis and buy a sports car. :p

It looks like I will have to import one from Japan.

I had found one I wanted but just cannot get the guy pinned down to sell it. Very frustrating and has me on the verge of being a stalker.

So I appreciate any leads you might have.

I have an immaculate 1988 HJ61 Turbo diesel? I have posted details on the introduce yourself section