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Warm up/rad flush



JB wrote...
So there is no rad filler in their unless its in the system from the
previous owner. But in saying that if there is it was not used to fill a
leak in the new rad. So this should mean that it would be ok to use the rad
flush, I think well maybe.
OK then no problem, but don't forget you also have 2 other
'radiators' in the form of heater matrixes, and you don't know if
they have ever leaked before with the previous owner, which he then
fixed with radweld etc. So do the flushing job but have a good sniff
inside the car after warming it up with the new anti-freeze mixture
for the first time - and before you take it off your driveway. So if
it does niff a bit then put some radweld in.
I recently flushed my Pajero system with fresh water only - no
chemical - and when I re-filled it with new mixture it soon wept from
the heater matrix. So a bottle of barrs seal later it stopped
immediately. I don't like removing whole dashboards to replace a
heater matrix. I Once did a Renault 21 and the heater replacement
took 2 minutes but a whole day for the dashboard and steering job. :'(
Take care JB.
Grand Union Canal
'92 HZJ80 ex UN surplus from Bosnia
Hey Jon
Thanks for that info. Now I know I have two rads to worry about leaks with
if I flush. Ah can nothing be risk free with this thing. But it could be
that one or two of the rads are blocked or nearly blocked and that would be
causing my heating problems. If it is a case that the heater rad or rads are
blocked, nearly blocked and I flush and all is fine, this could cure the
heater issue. On the other hand what if I flush and I spring a leak or two
or three. Can I just put some rad fix in there and if so will it block just
the holes or some thing that I will need working and now is not.
John C 92HDJ 80 1HDT Ireland
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