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Hi Folks,
I recently used my Warn 9.5 XP in the Sahara for pulling a vehicle up a 20
dune slope.
The session went ahead fine, but I stopped to reposition my vehicle for a
direction of pull.
However when I wanted to pull again, then all I heard was the click of the
and the winch did not turn at all.
It was not a very hot day only 28 degree C and the distance covered was only
10 to 15
meters and was executed in several short burst, but the sand was very soft.
The Winch did not show any sign of labouring and neither was the body of the
unduly hot, probably only about body temperature.
The Wiring and the 4 Relays check out to be OK.
I get 150 Ohms on the Armature and 5K Ohms on Field 1 & 2. Any Ideas before
take drastic action and strip the unit down.
If I have to strip the unit, can I then deal with the motor side only, and
are their any
points to be aware of during stripping and re-assemble?
Regards Jorgen
KDJ 120 (UK)


Hi Jorgen,
Are you sure all the relays are OK?
Just before Niall left for his trip across Africa, we had spooled out the winch to tidy the cable and got the fammiliar click of death when trying to pull it in again - it worked fine going out, but just clicked when trying to pull it in.
Rather than mess around with swapping oout the duff relay we replaced it with a solid state one from Goodwinch - I gather that this is quite a common upgrade for Warn winches.
I would check all the relays before you start stripping the winch motor.
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Mobile:=A0+44 (0)7971 540 362


Sounds like dodgy relays....
On 4/14/08, Benoit Bernard <[Email address removed]> wrote:
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