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Water tank bits 'n pieces

Gary Stockton

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Sep 10, 2012
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As part of my on-going overlanding buildup, I've invested in a Fiamma 70 litre tank (best price I found was here)


The tank is very cool - you can configure it how you like - the big red cap comes off so you can get in there and clean it properly if you need to.

You can set up the inlet on either side of the tank, and the outlet in any number of places, simply by drilling through the blanks.

The inlet is a 38mm pipe, with a smaller air-vent associated with it. The outlet is a standard 13mm hose which can go to a pump (to be bought next ...).

So - my question (finally) - I want to source and fit a 38mm food-quality hose and breather to come to a seal-able cap to be fitted to the front of the packing system, so I can take off the filler cap and refill the tank without resorting to hoses through windows and the potential for disaster that has :|

Does anyone know where I can source such a hose and filler cap from? I've looked at places like Force4 Outdoor and a couple of chandlers, but suspect my search phrase is wrong because I can find hose but not the cap.

Fiamma also do a cap, I've just seen -


But the line drawing shows 40mm connection. Should be OK I guess - perhaps I'll just get one of those. I see it also has a connector for the breather - result, then :lol:

So after a ramble - best place to source drinking-quality reinforced hose (of 38m, 13mm and 10mm ID)?

Looks great - why not drop a silver dollar in there too. to keep the water fresh?
I thought fiamma dealers do everything to connect it up, there are quite a few on ebay i was looking at.
I had the letter from the postman today that i had a parcel which means my water bladder has arrived
The ones on fleabay seem to be a bit more expensive than the AgentFiamma website. Bought the filler cap from them as the marine ones I looked at didn't have the breather connection. Not a bad price also. Found some hose, now to decide and then fit it all up :p
adrianr said:
why not drop a silver dollar in there too.

Umm - you lost me on that one - what's a silver dollar (I know what the coin is - is that what you mean :oops: )

I was also contemplating an in-line filter to help with that, but don't want to get too technical just yet :?
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A little more on silver, this quote from the web:

Colloidal Silver
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You can easily make your own colloidal silver – that cost just a few pence a litre to produce – and you dont need to buy an expensive unit to produce your own.

You can read here about the many scientific reports of the benefits of using silver: ... chor-49575

And this Oxford Journals report:

More here:

Silver kills 650 known pathogens by interfering with the pathogenic cells life processes. You would be well advised to have it in your personal health chest.
I have 2 of the fiamma tanks fitted, I picked them up from a local caravan place a few years ago, cant remember cost.

they came with various fittind & as you can see I have mounted them vertically.
The are held in place by ratchet staps hooked onto some well fixed eyes.
This enables me to only use 1 if required (depends on where I'm going!) or remove for maintenance.
They are plumbed so thay can be used separatly or together by opening or closing a valve, the water is pumped out via a surelo pump mounted & switched in the back to a tap arrangement (well more like a directable piece of 10mm plastic plumbing pipe & a valve).
I find this better than a tap as it gives flexibility depending where you want the water to go!! ... 6991361090