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Hi Guys
I was just wondering if any of you and I know someone does have info on
welders as I thought if I could pick one up cheap it would be usefull for
the cruiser to start with instead of trying to get guys to do stuff for me.
I have been looking at some and as usual too much I dont know.
There are Mig, Tig, Arc welders of all different styles, sizes and amps.
If you want you can hit me off list.
john 92 HDJ 80 1HDT
Rule 1.
If you buy a welder make sure you buy a fire extinguisher - and a good
one at that.
I know someome who burnt down his workshop and a customers car when
welding with oxy acetylene.
Any type of welder can easily start a fire.
Re welding - the default option is Mig - use Coogar 5 gas - straight
argon is not as good. Get something around the 175 amp mark for a good
duty cycle.
Where are you going to keep this as you told me you have a small shed
and no garage? It needs to be dry to prevent corrosion on the wire.
look at the SIP site for general info.
Regards Gareth.
Hey Gareth
Thanks for the reply. Its another idea to get away from depending on others
but have to tread slowly cause with all my mechanical knowledge, I can light
a match but this is improving on a weekly basis.
Your right all i have is a small welder friendly shed (its made of wood).
I have been looking and its possible to get a small handy small one.
Now you know and I know that I have never even held a welder torch, but I am
brave or is a better word STUPID.
John 92HDJ 80 1HDT