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what offset of wheels can I fit?

Dylan Baryla

New Member
Aug 16, 2022
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I am looking at putting a set of ROH assault wheels on my 105. The specs are below. If these aren't right, I would greatly appreciate some guidance.
*17 9 5 150-591500kg
I think 105's came with different size tyres and wheels. Mine are zero offset 16steels 5x150pcd

Having tried 17x9 wheels recently - they catch on the rear drums.
I'm guessing Geek tried alloy wheels in place of steels because otherwise it seems unlikely a 17 inch rim would catch on drums made for a 16 inch wheel ?
@Shayne that's right. These are black rhino alloys. Also a lot wider at 9". At the time I was sold these as Toyota 16's :(
From that i would deduce , assuming there were no other fitting problems , that 17x9 steels will fit and also some alloys depending on design .
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