What to advertise my 80 for?

Jun 10, 2010
Well it seems that I will be moving to Dubai in the next few months, so I need to sell the 80. Which is sad, but I'll get one out there anyway.

What should I ask for it, and would anyone off here want it before I pay to advertise it on autotrader.

It's a 1996 4.5EFi Automatic done 145k (as of this morning)
It had 1 owner from new until I had it a few months ago. Has a very good toyota history up until 133k and then at 142k I had it serviced at my garage with a friend of mine.

We replaced all the diff oils, engine oil and filter (well actually Mr Rubie changed that for me), replaced the brake pads, new spark plugs, new front wheel bearings, and a new stub axle. Fitted new 285 BDG Muds to it about 1,000 miles ago.
Also fitted a new diff lock acuator to the rear diff and fitted the centre diff lock switch.

It's not rusty apart from below the rear screen.
It is MOT'd until end of Sept I think and taxed until about the same time.

Condition wise the interior is fine, no massive tears or rips in the seats and the electric adjustments all work fine.
Exterior.... yeah.... I've put some dents in the side steps and scuffed/scratched a few panels here and there. But it's not a total mess, in fact if you keep it dirty you can't see any of them.

I don't need it to go especially fast as I don't have to go for a few months but because I've spent so much on it for a trip to Morocco and beyond that now won't happen I'd like a decent price to reflect the parts and labour that went into it.
But I am a realist I realise that a petrol 80 isn't exactly the most desirable thing in the world.

What do you think it is worth?


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Mar 1, 2010
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Pictures and a list of mods would help.

But anywhere from £4k to £8k depending on spec and how soon you need to shift it. Also it has only a short MOT, putting another on will help it sell.

Jun 10, 2010
I'll put a new MOT on her as I think it will sail through quite easily. Hasn't done that many miles from the last one.

It's a normal spec VX

Grey Leather
Electric seats with electric lumbar support
Heated front seats
AC (doesn't work, presume a regass as it was last done in 2006)
Remote Central Locking
Electric windows/wing mirrors
Headlamp Wash

I removed the rear most seats but have still got them in the loft.
I put in a live and a switched live power supply in the boot.
Put a new Sony headunit in it with bluetooth also got a Alan CB radio that can stay in the 80 if required.

I guess with a new MOT and a good polish I could put it up for £4995? I don't want to spend a fortune advertising it on autotrader so I might do a nice advert on here and see if anyone off here fancies it. I'd rather it went to someone on here that will use it the way it is supposed to be used plus when I'm in Dubai I'll have a LC so I'll still be on this forum!