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Which spare parts do I need for my Colorado for Africa



Good day My wife and me is planning to drive from South Africa to London. We plan to travel up the east coast to Sudan=2C then turn right towards the west coast=2C hugging the coast line up to Morocco. Our vehicle of chose is a Landcruiser Colorado/Prado. I need to take spare parts for if and when the vehicle break down. Please b so kind to advice me which parts to take. I look forward hearing you expert opinion Enjoy the day

Karel Stroebel
London UK
2000 Colorado FX 3l turbo diesel 5 seater=2C ARB front bumper=2C OME=2C Patriot roofrack=2C Easy awn rooftent
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Although I haven't got a Prado, I've travelled with a few guys who
have. First, I assume you are going to fit before the trip all those
things that prevent failure in the first place, like improved air and
fuel filtration, heavy duty suspension, etc.
I think suspension, after tyres, may be the biggest headache. If you
keep the drive train parts well lubricated, they shouldn't give you a
problem, but spare u-joints don't take much space, just as wheel
bearings, seals and gaskets, IMHO, having a spare engine ECU would not
be unreasonable.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80 (auto)
On Tue, Jul 8, 2008 at 9:02 AM, karel stroebel
<[Email address removed]> wrote:
Hi Karel,
I use to own Colorado so I agree with Roman especially regarding U
joints. I would just add the set of engine belts on top of that.
1996 HDJ80 (1HD-FT 24V, manual gearbox), OME Lift (6 cm), Safari
snorkel, Front runner long ranger tank (170L)
old or new prado? i ask as the older one has the same engine as my 4runner
(1kz-t) and similar running gear - just a different body.
after 2 years in southern africa and 3 years in east africa (oil changes
every 5000km) we have broken/replaced/fixed:
removed after market immobiliser due to malfunction brought on by wear and
multiple intermittent problems with dust in door electrics/switches.
broke and replaced a tortion bar.
broke and removed both anti-roll bars.
replaced both lower wishbone/control arms.
broke engine mounts, gear box mount and blew the flexible joint in the
replaced all bushes in the suspension many times.
replaced rubber boot sleaves on the front
replaced steering idler
drive shaft cv boots 2 or 3 times.
bearings on the gearbox main drive shaft
hose to air cleaner is fixed with duck tape
and i am about to replace front and rear ome shocks.
that's all i can think of for now...
go well,
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subject: [elco] which spare parts do i need for my colorado for africa
good day
my wife and me is planning to drive from south africa to london. we plan to
travel up the east coast to sudan, then turn right towards the west coast,
hugging the coast line up to morocco.
our vehicle of chose is a landcruiser colorado/prado.
i need to take spare parts for if and when the vehicle break down.
please b so kind to advice me which parts to take.
i look forward hearing you expert opinion
enjoy the day
karel stroebel
london uk
2000 colorado fx 3l turbo diesel 5 seater, arb front bumper, ome, patriot
roofrack, easy awn rooftent
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Left Ireland for SA 3 Months ago and am on road
How much prior prep you do will dictate spare requirements.
I would suggest:
Front axel rebuild - ie strip down, clean all old grease, repack
bearingsand replace if worn - same for CV joints. Inspection of
Wheelbearings for play isnecessary every 3000 KM - minimum. You should
learn the skills required tighten wheelbearings and have necessary
tools., You will still need spare bearings, seal kitand spare tab
washers etc-assumeyouwill need to do a full wheel rebuild on oneside
of the vehicle on the road at somepoint. 6 wheel studs and nuts would
be handy also.
Replace brake pads in advance- OEM- my set are stillgoing strong after 28K KM.
Replace all UJ's-grease up every 3000KM minimum while on road.
Change oilevery 3000KM-filter every 12000KM
If AT gear box- replace filter and oil - not just oil.
Preventative maintenance/work to engine/turbo - No comment - I've made
bad decisions there in the past.
2 spare tyres. If running tyres that are not 7.5/16 then carry 2
tubesalso- even if running tubless tyres. Both my spares have tubes in
them now!
Replace all diff oils. Check regularly.
Replace all belts and carry old asspares
Rad hoses- replace if necessary.
Overhaul starter motor and altenator prior to departure.
Plenty of fuses
A couple of lenghts of threadded rod bar of different sizes are
brilliant for cutting bolts to size/toifit. Plenty of Nyloc nuts.
Spare shock - front and rear - full assembly.
1995 HDJ 80 - on the road
On 7/8/08, karel stroebel <[Email address removed]> wrote: