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Whilst checking the the new wagon


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Jul 10, 2023
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Hi team,
Its time to lean on the brains trust of the whole team. I have a 80 series 1992, auto tx, with 600k on the dial with no mods or extras that I can find.
So yesterday it was time to check out the drive system. So sitting stationary on flat ground, I engaged the transfer lever from H to L the center diff lock light came on, yip so thats a good start. I reversed a couple of meters no abnormal noises, stopped drove forward to my original position, Stopped re-engaged H, placed into drive then no go just a whirring noise like a shaft hadn't engaged. Center diff light still on. Went back through the process into low and reversed probably 20 meters and tried again. No luck.

Tried various combinations and multiple times of in L engine off into H and starting, tried the red button on floor of gear selector no joy.

Jacked up front wheels they just spun freely no abnormal noises, not engaged, did same with rear axle no obvious binding or rotation. The center console diff lock push switch is sticky I removed it, the cables were still attached, used a wee spray of silicone to free it up. Can drive in high only due to the center diff being locked. Reluctant to drive far until I know what's going on.

No matter what I do I still getting the whirring noise like a shaft thats failed to engage.

I don't have a manual at all, and relying on you guys and gals to point me in the right direction. Vehicle had a full service two months ago.

I did a search of the forum I found similar issues being discussed but this is slightly different Thanks in advance.

The history of the vehicle is that the last time the diff lock was used was a few years back. So a lack of use may have caused something to stick or freeze;
Thinking back on similar situations -- I would guess that you didn't push the lever hard enof forward to engage the H. The stick gets sticky from disuse.
Thanks for the reply, no issues with getting it as I can drive it in H but only with central diff lock engaged
Hi All by way of a update:

Jacked up front diff, both wheels off ground, both wheels spun drive shaft not turning.

Started engine into gear, drive shaft turning no wheels go round lol:openmouth:

Narrowing the issue down
Well here's one issue.
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