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White and or blue smoke smells oily.


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Jul 12, 2022
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Got a 120 3.0 d4d. Old engine came out with a melted piston on no. 1 before I bought it. I've put another engine in from another landcruiser. stripped the engine and its all good, new head gasket etc.

On idle it doesn't smoke, or the tiniest sign of smoke from the exhaust. If rev up it starts to smoke and get worse. Thick white smoke, does smell oily. Did find 2 dead injectors on this engine after putting it in which I've replaced.

Turbo had very little play.

I would say its the Turbo dumping oil into the exhaust one spooling up, but could it be anything else?

The old Turbo had snapped its shaft so I do wonder if its dumped a tonne of oil into thr exhaust which starts to burn with the hotter exhaust from higher rpm?

Any other ideas?

What were the other 2 injectors like, and with engine strip down did you clean out egr, throttle body and inlet manifold, that normally get clogged up ?
Can you use Techstream or other to give you live data ?
Presumably you used all new injector washers/seals etc, so you are not getting blow by ?
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Injectors simply did not work, nothing not a sausage. you cleaned all the crap out the egr. Was hoping it would clear but didn't. So removed the front pipe, cat or whatever it is. rear pipes seem oily but got nothing from turbo side. run very clean with out exhaust connected. So will swap the exhaust for another one here and maybe try to clean this one out.

Old turbo shaft snapped so must have dumped tonnes of oil in the exhaust.