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Who is doing what maintenance today?

Replaced the rear locker actuator on the 80 - motor was badly corroded. Used a new 100 series one I'd had on the shelf for quite a while. Just needed to swap the pins into the old 80 series connector shell for it to work on the 80.
Today I was a McLaren mechanic.
I was ready with my friend Mr Milwaukie,
Sadly I timed myself,

11 mins 4 wheels changed.

About 5 to change the spare.




Every November I fit the Continental Ice Contacts and every May I change back to General Grabber AT2's. This hopefully makes the GG's last longer and the Conti's might come into their own in snowy conditions when Maria goes to work in it.
Genuine question, Andy - do you think swapping them about actually makes much difference in real terms? I'm not sure how useful ice contact tyres are (never had them) but my experience in proper snow suggests its snow chains or nothing. I tend to just run ATs or MTs all year round, never really thought about a set of winter tyres for the UK....
do you think swapping them about actually makes much difference in real terms?

Yes and yes, if you're driving on snow they give far more grip than AT's or MT's by consequence of their design. Just as they aren't designed for motorway use in summer as they would get too hot by again consequence of their design. The GG's have the mountain sign on them also but as I bought the Conti's for £20 each I find it prudent to use them up and make the GG's last longer.
Cool - and TBH as £20 each I can't blame you! I was actually thinking about the value of running two sets, assuming you had to buy both new.
Up early this morning as it gives rain today.
got a leaking rear damper so I thought I'd get on with it to save getting wet.




Offending little buggers.

Removed the quick way, wheels off, remove bottom bolt a couple of wiggles and they break off, a bit fiddley access to tighten the top bolt but not impossible and we're away.

of course while the Collie is on the ramp the props were greased.

Back in for brekkie.
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Extended the axle breathers into the engine bay and fitted new metal caps.
Been lazy updating this thread but over the last month or so: replaced front and rear drop links, track rod ends, new brakes all round discs, pads calipers and flexi hoses, renewed brake fluid, cleaned aircon, diesel purge injector clean and EGR dismantled and cleaned for probably the first time in its life
Jimny's are great fun. This is mine when i had it after i sorted out the wheels and suspension and baselined it. Made a nice hand throttle out of a shimano gear changers mounted to the side of the gear stick. worked really well.


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AdrianR - yeah - this one already has a +2" lift and 235/75/15 aggressive tyres (kind of mini-SImex pattern) and has been used and abused, but its basically solid and little rust. Its ideal for the green lanes around here, as they're really too narrow for the 80 Series and/or Hilux. I've had an SJ413 previously, and this seems very similar, but does ride a bit better! Be a fun summer project if nothing else....
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@Dave_S i really enjoyed my outings in the Jimny. went places that an 80 would have got well stuck in. it's a great little light truck. mine had a "lift" just shackles and poly blocks atop standard suspension. i fitted a trailmaster kit and that transformed it. i also got rid of the insa turbos that were on wide vitra 3 spoke alloys. Have fun with yours.
New set of rear springs fitted today but discovered the rear pinion oil seal is leaking, on a 60 is this a straight forward replacement and any of the 60 boys on here know where I can get one as cruiser world doesn’t stock them ?


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If you are really stuck your nearest bearing stockist may be able to measure your old one and supply an alternative. Amazing what stock some of even the smallest shops carry. Helps if you live in an industrial area.