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Workshop Rates and discount for Irishmen!



Whatya mean u're the only Irish on board?
I take exception even if I'm in sunny Colorado and only a few ,000 miles
away :)
Just cuase I can't zip over for an overhaul (I think the postage fare would
be a tad expense !)
I'm about to do a trottle body clean-up, if anyone got some tips?
PS Julian - best of luck on your workshop stuff. Wonder if a years time what
your synopsis will be ?(i.e. is computer work easier and pays more! but I
know what ya mean as regards car stuff more physical and u FEEL more
productive afterwards)
a Galwayman in nearly-always-sunny-Colorado-and-wish-it-would-rain-somewhat
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Sent: Sunday, February 27, 2005 2:24 PM
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Hi Julian and the rest of the guys.
Im sorry I could not be of any help to you Julian but I knew you knew your
stuff and I think I will stick to what maybe I do best ask questions and not
try to answer them. I told you lot its not good when I think because then I
actually think that I might know something about the cruisers AH WELL tis
life. And theres poor Renate thinking she has nothing to contribute on the
tenhnical issues, look at me girl and then tell yourself he knows less than
me Yahoo. Any way enough slaging meself again, instead of a discount cause
im the only Irish member I am, am I not and I do live nearly close to wales,
I reacon that maybe I could get private tuition so I would'nt feel like a
real gob dah all the time. ONE DAY, ONE DAY, I will know something, oops the
wife just told me to stop talking crap again bye.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland


Workshop Rates and discount for Irishmen![ still in Ireland] [chat]

Lal Wrote
Hi Lal
Thanks a lot now your after ruining it for me, my one chance to escape from
the bowels of knowing nothing to getting tuition off the master, o god
where have I gone wrong in life , it is passing me bye. This could have got
ugly much like myself but I will let you off seeing as how you hail from
Galway, it would be different if you were from cork or even kerry buy then
you know that. I thought that I could convince Julian to take pity on the
only Irish guy on the list and you would be away enjoying your self some
where and by the time you got back the deal would be done. Because after
all your nearly americanised . What with your open cruiser ranges, real
snow, real sunshine etc etc etc you even had to get the rub in about the sun
dident you that was'nt fair. Now I have to spent more time talking to my
special doctor in a white coat. See ya Lal.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland