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Yank in need of 100 Euro-spec HDJ100 Intel


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Jul 19, 2022
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I'm in the US and recently put a 1HD-FTE from a UK-spec 2005 HDJ100 in my 80-series. It was paired with the A750F auto box which I'm currently enjoying but I've still got the 5 speed itch. In thinking of a future H152 manual conversion for this engine, a couple problems emerge that I'm hoping you guys may be able to help me with.

This engine got your water cooled EGR, MAF, intake shutters, reverse cut timing gears, and the Garrett VNT turbo. It seems to me that I would have to find an ECU part number from a similarly equipped manual optioned HDJ100. So, my first question is that... did the UK market get a HDJ100 with 5-speed manual transmission? If so, does anyone know where I can find a model number for this unicorn so I can start cross referencing part numbers?

If no such option exists, it feels like I would not be able to convert to a manual transmission with this UK-specific FTE (VNT,MAF, etc.). : (

Current photo just for giggles.

You can just use a website with parts lists and search for a euro manual hdj100, like the model # HDJ100R-GNMEZW

But, the A750F is the very best option for the 1HD-FTE. You get much more torque and it's so much easier to drive offroad and in town. Durability is also not a problem. And if you want to tow, there is nothing better than an auto with a real torque converter.

If you cant get the craze out of your head, here's a little something to help you going: (looks like 89661-60a90 is what you need, among other bits)
Btw, the safest for finding parts is to have the vin for the donor of the 1hd-fte.
And if you didn't yet, it's time to get rid of the EGR. It's a troublemaker for you inlet.
Uhu is right, keep the auto, especially for towing, I regularly tow 2000kgs (4400 lbs in American Money) and wouldn’t go back to a manual.
Thanks for the feedback, gents. I actually like the A750F but I've got some problems with it that I haven't resolved yet. I get a pretty bad shudder when I put it in reverse. So idling out of a parking spot is a little uncomfortable. Once I give it some throttle, the shudder goes away. Anyhow, I've got two H151s and a NOS H152 just sitting at the moment so it gets me thinking...