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    Lincomb weekend June 7-8th

    After the usual checks.........Wife, work and kids.......hope to be there again.. Steve
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    Lincomb September 7th,8th

    Steve's very capable 95. Thanks for allowing me to co-drive on Saturday, it was great fun. Still shocked you went through the bomb hole :icon-eek: [URL=""] Thank you Scott for spotting for me it was a...
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    Lincomb September 7th,8th

    Hi Ian, I know it is late notice but all repairs are now done on my truck and I have managed to get the time off work so if ok with you and Tony I will be there and I will give it a good go at winning for a second time............if I can persuade my winch man to come along. Form filled out...
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    Lincomb May 3,4,5, 2013, weekend.

    Hi All, Not been a good year for me, still trying to get cover at work for this weekend. I am afraid that it will be a last minute thing with me if that is ok with you Tony.. Steve
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    Lincomb May 3,4,5, 2013, weekend.

    Ill be there, look forward to meeting both new and old freinds.. Steve
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    *NEW* Lincomb October Catering Thread

    Ok I voted on the last one but my name is not on the list. Just in case I have been missed I will have every one offered for two . Thanks Steve
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    Who is doing what maintenance today?

    Just rotated my tyres.... BFG Mud terrains Steve
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    CHRIS... I found "may be the best looking 4x4 around" for you !

    Very pretty.......needs some wheels, no winch, no height, colour and shiny.. Steve
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    Lincomb October 6th,7th Weekend,

    I think that I may have to go for Girly Chilli, the last time I had chilli at Lincombe I had to to evacuate my own tent due to the aftermath.......:shock::shock: I had to walk 20 yards to find fresh air.... But I do like it hot when I have room. Steve
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    Adding Second Battery

    I have a fast Idle button next to the diff lock switch, I often use it when winching for long periods and thats enough for the alternator to keep up with charging. Steve
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    Viscous Fan - I think mine is always "on"?

    Never grab the fan even if it is not working, my mate lost the top of his little finger when he accidently toched mine........ The fan works by moving fluid arround in chambers inside the fans clutch increasing the drag as the temprture rises thus making the fan run faster. The viscous fan is...
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    Lincomb October 6th,7th Weekend,

    Thanks for that Gary, I hadn't scrolled to the bottom of the form so missed that bit. Steve
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    Lincomb October 6th,7th Weekend,

    How do you do that??? I don't have a check book any more. Steve
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    Toyota Landcruiser ZX Landcruiser Automatic Station Wagon

    Re: Toyota Landcruiser ZX Landcruiser Automatic Station Wago Hi Richard and welcome, I hope that I am not teaching you how to suck eggs here but the oil level should be checked with the engine running and the oil up to temperature. From 'Park' go slowly through all the gears and back up to...
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    BFG KM2 - rotation and wear.

    If you speak to Paul, the service Manager, he will set things up for you.. Steve