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    80 rear diff housing

    What is nitro kit ratio?
  2. Hali

    LJ70 Front Diff

    Is it diff lock or non diff lock?
  3. Hali

    ABS Brake Booster & Accumulator

    Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon ABS Brake Booster & Accumulator 1998 - 2006
  4. Hali

    Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon Differential Rear (Diff Lock) 1998 - 2007

    Differential Rear (Diff Lock) Ratio 41:10 = 4.1 Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon 4.2/4.7 1998 - 2007 Condition: Recondition PM me with decent price
  5. Hali

    Toyota Land Cruiser Colorado 3.0 Diesel For Parts

    Toyota Land Cruiser Colorado/Prado 1999 Engine Size 3.0 Diesel 1KZ Breaking for Parts (All alloy wheels, mechanical, electrical and interior parts available) Contact Email: [email protected] Phone: +441216476749
  6. Hali

    HDJ80 - rear (second row) seat belts

    Please send me you phone number. I can get it for you......
  7. Hali

    200 Series Door handle Removal

    When you get your answer please make a video and upload on youtube 80S Land Cruiser door panel removal and lock fix:
  8. Hali

    Need a new Air Con pump for my 4.7 V8 shall i import from Aus ?

    can find it for you will cost you 270GBP with delivery, will be Japanese one with 90 days warranty
  9. Hali

    Tailgate (Upper) Land Cruiser Amazon 1998-06

    Tailgates are almost new imported from japan feel free to ask question about this item on this number 01216476749
  10. Hali

    1HD-FTE EFI Fuel Pump Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon & Colorado/Prado ABS pump modulator

    Hi, I have 4.2 1hd-fte efi fuel pump complete from 1998 to 2007 on wards this fuel pump is been completely cleaned and and examine pressure is been tested, and Toyota Land Cruiser Colorado/Prado ABS pump modulator complete 2002 - 2007 Feel free to ask any quest ion.
  11. Hali

    centre diff lock damage?

    i think you can check it easily, if you feel jerk while shifting from parking to drive than surely diff is damaged
  12. Hali

    Carpet Sets?

    Carpet for LCR 100 Series you should ask from this seller on ebay for complete carpet. ebay item number is 111283825493
  13. Hali

    Need a new Air Con pump for my 4.7 V8 shall i import from Aus ?

    Check this item Check this Ebay item number its cheaper with 90 days warranty. Item Number: 111563173
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