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    13.5 MPG around town on 33 inch mud tyres and a 2 inch lift :( 9.4 MPG when running LPG around town Haven't done any highway trips lately though Rob :) 80 Series 4.5 24v
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    Rear Cargo Windows

    Hi Richard, many thanks you your reply and your warm welcome to the forum I'm glad to know that the cargo window can be done :) - cant seem to get your first link to work tho! I'll add some pics of my truck on the welcome page! great to be part of a friendly bunch Thanks Rob
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    Rear Cargo Windows

    Hi everyone I hope this hasn't been covered before -sorry if it has I found on ebay a new rear cargo window - solid type, with a new seal...
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    My Land Cruisers

    Various pictures my toys
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    My offroad trips
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