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  1. Mr_Red

    Wanted: Overlanding equipment & misc bits

    Hi folks, I'm preparing my Landcruiser 105 series for a long term overlanding expedition (thread to follow on this a bit later) and am currently decking out the interior. If anyone can help me source the following preferably second-hand equipment, please let me know. Overlanding equipment...
  2. Kileni

    antenna upgrade recommendations?

    Any experience out there on replacing the factory antenna for my HJZ105? Amazon recommendations would be especially welcome. I'll be in the US soon and could order something. Thanks!
  3. Kileni

    how hard would it be to maintain a HZJ 105 LandCruiser in the United States?

    I've wondered if and when I move back to the US whether it would be hard to get parts for my HZJ 105 LandCruiser in the States. Thanks!
  4. Robzimbo

    Revised: Stone doesn't eat brake caliper. Rim eats caliper.

    Not sure where to post this - 'Brakes', 'Trip reports', 'pub chat'... but it happened to my 105 so I'll put it here, though I guess it could have happened to any vehicle. I was up in Meru National Park a couple of weeks ago. I crossed a river, and soon after there was a scraping sound from the...
  5. Robzimbo

    Nairobi to Meru National Park

    S and I are just back from a wonderful few days in Meru National Park, one of the most remote and unexplored parks in Kenya, the place where George and Joy Adamson ('Born Free' etc) ran their research programmes in the 60's and 70's. We caught the end of the dry season, and the beginning of the...
  6. M

    Hot and steamy cruiser - A/C MacIver repair (advice) 105 series

    Hi guys can I get your thoughts on something? So my car a/c doesn't work. and well.. its getting hot in Australia and im leaving in a week for a long road trip into even hotter regions. I took it to the mechanic and they said they couldn't work it out but all the sensors are good its gassed up...
  7. StarCruiser

    105 series Gullwing doors

    Thread running in 100 series section to find out if there is interest in some Gullwing doors for the 100/105 series. See here
  8. StarCruiser

    100 series Gullwing doors

    I am now looking for expressions of interest here for 100 and 105 Gullwing doors. Briefly, if you haven't seen the thread in the 80 section, these are side door panels designed to be as OEM looking as I can which allow access from where the side rearmost windows are located. Fitting is...
  9. J

    1999 Landcruiser HZJ105 100 Series Mystery Part? Water Leak?

    Just a couple pic from my 99" HZJ105 100 Series. I don't know what this part is and it seems to be leaking water slowly? Should it be plugged up?, help people? ID here would be good. Looks like some sort of valve. Also my timing belt hasn't been changed since 150,000 i am at 260,000 do i risk...
  10. Kileni

    Does anyone have the 105 Series (not the 100 Series) Land Cruiser service manuals?

    The 100 Series and 105 Series have different motors (among other things), so surely they have different service manuals. Can anyone help me find the 105 Series manuals? Thanks!
  11. W

    Non Turbo Manual 105

    What do you think of item number: 121088012121 ?