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75 series pickup

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    Brake lights and wipers not working

    Hi so I'm new here I've got a 1995 75 series a couple weeks ago the brake lights went out I replaced the bulbs and the stop fuse that didint fix any thing and ever since then my wipers won't work Just If your wondering I have only been using it on the farm since then
  2. T

    2h to 1hz N/A engine swap

    hey there currently in the starting process off putting a 1hz engine in a 2h 1988 75 series landcruiser ute and just wondering what aspects would i need to change such as engine mounts and harnesses thanks
  3. B

    75 series engine swap

    Hi there! I’ve recently purchased a 1988 75 series and am looking at doing an engine swap. I’m looking at putting 100 series engine in... either the 1hd-fte diesel , or the 2uz-fe petrol. I just wanted to know if both options would fit. I would also want to swap the gearbox to the 5 speed auto...
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    how big muddies??

    gday chaps, i was a nissan 3L man until recently and bought a 75 pickup non turbo diesel and dont know much about them, any thing i should be weary of? common dramas? and will 33s fit on without lift? any help would be appreciated!! cheers :icon-cool: