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2h to 1hz N/A engine swap


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Sep 27, 2022
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hey there currently in the starting process off putting a 1hz engine in a 2h 1988 75 series landcruiser ute and just wondering what aspects would i need to change such as engine mounts and harnesses thanks
I’m doing the same thing at the moment and needing the same questions?
Regarding the connection to the h55f trans and clutch they both have a 270mm plate but the input shaft that the clutch rides on is shorter on the 2h h55f version.

You need to change the bell housing also to fit the 1hz to the 2h h55f ,,, so your best off using the hzj 75 with the older trans version before the 1hz and r151f change that was made back in the day.

If you change to the later 1hz and r151f then to fit into the hj 7x chassis you would need to move the location of the gearbox which is a harder job... if you stick to the h55f with the h55f from a hzj75 then at lest you have the gear box mount in the correct location. Of course if you go with the later combo then you have to relocate the gearbox and engine mounts as with 1hz and h55f the gearbox mounts are correct and just need to relocate the engine mounts.

As all the h55f gearboxes are super old and have probable high miles/kms then best to get the box looked over and rebuilt.. Hope the info helps.. Tarah 4 now!
If the gearbox and tfr box are retained then both front and rear props can stay too so worth consideration and probably what I would plan to do.
So a new bell housing and relocate engine mounts sounds doable to me.
Would check that the new engine sump wouldn’t foul on the steering gear and the fan’s proximity to the radiator. The exhaust will need adjustment and lots of other small things no doubt.
Electrics would need to be considered - if doing it I would want the minimum complexity of electrics as per my 60’s current set up if possible.
The input shaft for the 2h h55f is shorter... but a fella who did a 1hdt swap into a hj45 made a brass adapter that fitted where the spiggot bearing originally sat and machined a new spiggot bearing place in the brass adapter to catch the 2h style input shaft to make up the shortage. Then using the 270mm 2h clutch plate with the 1hz flywheel and clutch cover plate... worked a treat with carefull measuring.
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