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79 series

  1. C

    Hi All! I'm looking for a Troopy 45 or 78 or Dbl. Cab 79

    My 2015 Tacoma recently burned up, so I've decided to use the insurance money to buy and build out (camperize) a manual trans, diesel 78 series Troopy or Dbl. Cab 79 series. I'm on the left coast of Canada, but will look at a truck from any location. Would prefer something in the 2002 to 2004...
  2. G

    35s vs 37s 79 series and offset rims??

    Hi Guys Im in the market for new wheels and tyres for my 79 series, ive decided to go with either a 15x10 -50 or 16x8 -44 offset steel rims on the back to correct the tracking issue as i cant afford the legal options at this stage. (Any advice here would be much appreciated) My question is...
  3. M


    Hey guys I am getting a new single cab 2017 landcruiser and want to know if i can fit 16x10 rims under it?? What tyre size 315/75r16??
  4. G

    79 Series front wheel bearing adjustment

    G'day all, Absolute newby to your site, so apologies for my overlooking the obvious (if that's what I've done). Can somebody direct me to the area where I can learn how to dismantle, replace and adjust the front wheel bearings on my ute please. I detected play while out the other day on a...