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  1. joan

    Tacho went out (kinda.) Help?

    So a little while ago my tach kinda just slowly died out. Engine still runs alright (its got its slight issues, obviously, but the rpm's are always steady.) At first it would either stop completely, and then come back 100% working, but now it does this thing where at low rpms (0-3000 ish), it...
  2. joan

    Driver's side kick panel mystery switch

    Ok so my landcruiser (1996, 80 series) was given to me by my mom, which was given to her by my grandmother. All 225k miles on it have been driven by me and my family. Yesterday I found this switch in it that I cannot for the life of me figure out what it does. It doesn't look or seem to be...
  3. 94JDMfzj80

    My JDM 1994 80 series daily

    Bought this back in September and have been using it as a daily ever since (in PA, USA). Runs like a champ and was well taken care of by its previous Japanese owner. It has the 4.5L 1FZ-FE engine, automatic trans, 103k miles. 35" Falken Wildpeak A/T tires. Some cool things about the JDM VX...
  4. ejk80

    Front Pump for '91 Cruiser A440F

    We are needing to do a lot more repair work than we had anticipated on fixing our transmission...… We are looking for a front pump. Anyone out there able to help or point us in a good direction? TIA