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  1. L

    Power steering noise

    Hi all, in the last few days I've started to get some low level groaning/ whining nose when turning the wheel and it seems to be getting slowly worse each day. I've checked the power steering reservoir and it's not losing fluid (or much at all as I only top it up a few fluids oz. every 3-6...
  2. laszlo szucs

    calipers needs change or rebuild still not sure what should i do

    looking calipers topics in here still not sure what should i do. a./ what kind calipers do i have? worth of rebuild? (see attached pictures of my calipers) (see big red quotation) b./ Rough Trax calipers are very expensive. worth it? Advics Front Brake Caliper R/H - [Leaving Land Cruiser...
  3. Dino

    Engine swap 95series 3.0

    Is possible to fit 4.2 1hd fte engine in my 95 series to replace 3.0 1kz-te stock? thanks
  4. M

    Prado 90 Series Manual Shifter Gone Mad

    Hi Folks new guy here - just bought my third Cruiser! First family friendly one since we now have a passenger... It's a 1999 model, and in really good nick for a Kenyan second hand number. One thing is perplexing me - the 4X4 gear lever: The U shaped shifting pattern has the following quirk...