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amazon toyota 4.2

  1. T

    Diesel injector pressures on 2001 Amazon Landcruiser

    Hi, I have a 2001 Toyota Landcruiser, 1HD-FTE engine, and I think that one of the injectors is faulty. I have checked the book and contacted by Loc al Toyota dealer and the give me different pressures. Can anyone drop me a line please with what they should be?
  2. H

    Alternator change electrical problem.

    Hi guys (and maybe girls)! This is my first post to a forum, so apologies in advance if I have placed this thread in the wrong place. My problem starts with my 100 series Landcruisers alternator holding less voltage than usual; signifying that it needs to change. Everything else was working...
  3. S

    Soon-to-be 100 Series owner...

    Hello knowledgable people... I've just posted an introduction in the usual place. Medium time lurker, finally signed up! After a recent stream of Audi/BMWs and getting my 4x4 fix from work trucks, I've decided to sell my 330d and look for a late 100 series to hopefully enjoy for many years...
  4. Alrightchief

    Workshop manual? Things to do.

    Hi guys Just joined up and Bought an unbelievably rust free clean 2005 90k 4.2 amazon lc100.. Im trying to get a manual to help me get things sorted etc where would I get one? any tips on things to get done? List ENG Oil & filter Belts with tensioners GB Oil & filter? Diffs Grease shafts...
  5. bigmac

    1993 LJ78 Engine Transplant to 4.2 auto

    Looking for advise & guidance on converting my Lj78 2.4lte auto engine... Im looking to put in the landcrusier 4.2 engine... looking to pick all your brains on this, as the 2.4 engine is just not up for the job... Can it be done & pros n cons ?