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  1. S

    Automatic 90 series question

    Hello guys, I have a 90 series D4D 4 speed automatic. When I travel above 40mph and I release the acceleration, the rpm drops to idle speed, when I reapply the throttle, the rpm jumps back. At that moment, when I apply throttle and the rpm jumps back, I get a big hit, like something is loose...
  2. Justin.t

    Automatic Hubs wont Lock.

    Hey, I have a 93 Diesel HzJ73 landcruiser with auto locking hubs. The problem I am having is the hubs wont lock. I have put a volt meter to the connection and it gets 20 volts when the hub lock button is pressed (though it seems they should get 24)? It seems this is a common problem, any simple...
  3. M

    URGENT!!!! Cooked auto box

    Hi there, I urgently need advice from other 80 owners. Before you read further please be advised that I currently do no yet own the vehicle, I have only got a deposit on it. Between my deposit going down and the arranged date of picking it up, I received a concerning phone call saying...