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  1. yromero98

    BJ73 Restoration project

    Hi everyone , Ok I started to update and restore my BJ73 , Just put new BF and Some used rims I bought from some guy. A piece of pipe from the radiator broke :-s , very difficult to find, Its a VM 4 cil Engine , Does anyone know where I could get this pipe? Also working...
  2. S

    1992 BJ73 Engine Swap

    Hello, I have a 1992 BJ73 Salvador Caetano version came with the 3B 4cyl diesel and I want to do an engine swap. Does anyone know if the 1KZ 4cyl diesel engine will bolt onto the transmission of the original engine? It seems I can't get parts for the original engine so a swap is in order. Thank...
  3. J

    Hey Everyone! I just bought my first landcruiser project!

    Hey everyone! I have just purchased my very first landcruiser project! Its a 1985 BJ73 Toyota Land cruiser MWB It has 449 000 kms on the clock and still drive like a beast! However, it has some issues, like anything thats 35 years old! It has some rust from where the FRP TOP has leaked...
  4. S

    BJ 73 engine swap

    hello, i have just imported a 1988 bj73 with the 2.5TD VM HR588 from spain to the U.S. I am trying to find another engine to swap into it and very new to the land cruiser community any advice about which engine to use or references for information on how to swap would be much appreciated.
  5. E

    Need engine manual for VM 2.5 TD 5 cylinder (HR 588 OHV)

    Hi, I am considering replacing the front crankshaft oil seal and changing the head gaskets at the same time on my bj73. Does anyone have a manual paper/pdf or knows where i might be able to find one ?
  6. Crispin

    70 Series Chassis and Body 2016-05-11

    70 Series Chassis and Body Also 60 series Total Pages 720 Preview Page: 1 Preview Page: 2 Preview Page: 3 Preview Page: 4 Preview Page: 5 Preview Page: 6 Preview Page: 7 Preview Page: 8 Preview Page: 1 Preview Page: 2 Preview Page: 3 Preview Page: 4 Preview...