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1992 BJ73 Engine Swap


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Apr 28, 2021
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I have a 1992 BJ73 Salvador Caetano version came with the 3B 4cyl diesel and I want to do an engine swap. Does anyone know if the 1KZ 4cyl diesel engine will bolt onto the transmission of the original engine? It seems I can't get parts for the original engine so a swap is in order.
Thank You,
Thank you Rodger but SOR doesn't have much for the 70 series. Also ftrr researching the different engines I believe I have the B engine not the 3B. The body of my vehicle is in perfect condition. I just ordered a complete new suspension from Cruiser outfitters. They are the only ones who had a complete kit, nuts, bolts, bushings etc.
Thanks for your help!
I once lined up the 1kzt bell housing and clutch plate to a 3b engine... a while back, the clutch splines fit for the 3b h55f. A few of the bell housing bolts line up but I thought that the engine may end up on the tilt a bit.

If you can source the gear box off the 1kzt from a surf/4 runner gen 2 and 3 then the propshafts exit on the correct side.. quite an involved job custom fitting a different engine and gearbox but it's possible and there's plenty of space in the 73 series to do it.

With a 1kzt you get many smiles per miles! I've daily driven one in a 70 series for miles recently and absolutely love it! :thumbup:
Thanks Iwan. I was told by All American Imports that the only engine that will bolt to my stock transmission is the 1HZ engine. My problem then is the 1HZ is a 6 cylinder and I don't know if it will fit under the hood.
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