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bull bar

  1. N

    Newb needs some bull bar advice LX470 03'

    Finally getting around to getting a bull bar for our 03' lx470 and since the trim on the lx has the grill attached to the hood its a bugger to find a bull bar that will work. tried a few different sites and they are just showing landcruiser bull bars. Any advice as to where to look? Was thinking...
  2. C

    100 Series Bull Bar Options ?

    Hi, I am currently searching for a s/h winch compatible bull bar to fit to my "01 solid front axle 100 series. I am just wondering whether something off an 80 or 105 series will fit without modification. or if I need to source something specifically built for the 100 solid axle. Cheers
  3. cmcmill01

    Winch bumper question!!

    Folks, I recently picked up the aluminium winches bumper off eBay and it came with a Watn Winch which works but the solenoid box is toast!! Think I saw a recommendation for the Thompson solenoid box so will pick up one of them. Anyway the question, it looks like the winch was attached directly...
  4. D

    90 series MOD's

    Ok I am new to the 4x4 scene and have bought a 1999 Toyota Landcruiser Prado and currently upgraded to central locking, interior lights and reversing camera and currently looking into adding a bull bar, winch and driving lights in the coming weeks/months. My question is whether I can fit a 80...
  5. Kileni

    plan needed for bull bar for 105 Series

    I've got a 105 Series Landcruiser that needs a bull bar for the driving here in Tunisia, N Africa. I don't seem to find that's already made for sale. Does anyone have instructions / a plan that I might be able to take to a blacksmith/metal worker? Thank you!