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  1. F

    Land cruiser overlanding newbie needs help!

    Hey guys, The last weeks I was checking out the whole internet for a Landcruiser which will fit my budget and does the stuff I need it to do. I´,m a 24 years old german who is gonna stay the next 2,5 months in Capetown. My plan is to buy a Land cruiser, customize it and travel with it all the...
  2. J

    Does this look like a good buy?

    In the market for a JF60, or 80. Saw this one on Craigslist. Toyota land cruiser - cars & trucks - by owner - vehicle automotive... - [Leaving Land Cruiser Club]
  3. M

    Hi from England

    Hello chaps, I'm single mum of 3 kids and two dogs n a cat! being an NHS, I don't earn enough to have a luxury of buying new cars but I want a safe reliable car for my mum family especially my lives in inverness. My friend from work told me that yota land cruiser is the car for my budget of...
  4. M

    Hello there, advice sought on 100s, rust, imports

    Hello everybody, my name is Dan and I'm in North Pembrokeshire. I lived in Japan for about 20 years and returned to the UK a few years ago. This is not my first post but I have belatedly realized that I should have introduced myself, so here goes. I am not an LC owner, but I could certainly use...
  5. TAB13

    To buy or not to buy? How many KM/MI are too many....

    Hi LC Owners, We have been looking to buy a used LC Prado for about 4 months now for our young family with 3 kids. This being our main car. and we live in Germany. So we will definitely be taking road trips for holidays 10 plus hours or so. We found one that fits the specs we like, but we are a...
  6. dellboykev

    looking to buy a later 80 4.2

    hi i am new on here and moving over from the dark side of land rover ownership, I am looking for a diesel 80 uk spec there are a couple on ebay but they are far away from me so viewing isnt really possible but the one i am really interested in is a grey Gx with 170000 miles P117 OSE could anyone...
  7. S

    Buying a FJ45

    G'day guys, first time caller, first time listener... I'm in the market for a FJ45 ute, hopefully an 81+ model so I can have the comfort of power steering and aircon. I'm finally selling my patrol, it's served me well for a few years but it definitely wasn't my first choice it just happen to...