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central locking

  1. L

    Intermittently working remote fob

    Hi all, I'm having will some trouble with the remote fob on my Prado KZJ95 (1999). It's programmed and works to lock/ unlock the vehicle but works very intermittently. Even if I change the battery and it works well (but still not perfectly every time) it still very quickly becomes problematic...
  2. joshcork

    Central Locking not working in the morning

    Hi All, I've had my awesome Prado GXL Diesel for about 5 years and recently the central locking is too lazy in the morning or perhaps when cold to work. Once I've run the car for a while and later during the day its all good Does anyone else have this issue? Is the battery starting to fail on...
  3. T

    78 Series central Locking and immobolizer

    looking to add central locking to a VDJ78 4.5 V8 bought an aftermarket one which works... kinda but the auto arming on it is an issue for potentially locking keys in car or locking before missus gets out and around to unload the kids (3 door 8 seater (Forward) conversion) im wondering if the...
  4. D

    Gremlins in my central locking

    Hi all, I have just purchased a 90 series Toyota Prado and in the past few days the central locking has been playing up. When I say playing up I am referring to the central locking continuously unlocking itself intermittently. Sometimes happens numerous times in a short period or can go all...
  5. S

    1999 VX Limited - Electrical Windows, Sunroof and central locking stopped working

    I just stopped to fill up, everything was working fine. When I wanted to open window no reaction. Noticed that non of the windows is working from any door or switch, sunroof not working and central locking not working. Seems to look like a power supply problem, where do I start to look? Checked...
  6. B

    100 Series GXL 2000 Model Current Drain

    Hi, Hoping someone can help me out here. I'm having issues with my batteries running flat over a few days. I've narrowed down to what seems like a high current draw when it is turned off. Sitting around 700ma. I've found when I disconnect the ECU-B Fuse the draw goes down to 100ma. Any one able...
  7. T

    Dash board removal to get a junction box and central locking relays

    Has anyone ever removed a dashboard in a 100 Series. I am after some info I have a 2002 100 series that the central locking has stopped for the lock unlock is working ok. I have come to the conclusion that the junction box on the passenger side has got water in it or something making the lock...