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  1. O

    Fault code p1228 fuel pump range. What to do??

    Only just bought my LC 120. 2003. Thought it would be a problem free car. But noticed when I drove it on the motorway the engine light came on after about 8miles of driving, light would turn off but would come up again on the way home, again after about 8 miles. AA came and checked, they said...
  2. JPC Photo

    Lessons learned when a turbo fails.. D4D

    Hi all, Wanted to start by saying what a cracking community of like minded Cruiser-heads this is, generous with their time and insights. It's been an invaluable resource with the turbo problem that's left my D4D going nowhere, and i wanted to share my experience/learnings in case another novice...
  3. RL12

    WANTED: LWB Landcruiser Colarado 90 D4D

    Hi all, I'm looking for a LWB Landcruiser Colorado 90, Needs to be: 3.0 D4D Diesel <200k miles Good condition Ideally: <150k miles Blue, black or silver VX LC4 or LC5 spec Non-import and standard Located in Staffordshire or Devon budget of £3-5k depending on condition, mileage etc...
  4. B

    Newbie member saying hello n'stuff!

    Hi folks. I thought it time to introduce myself. My name is Cameron, I live in central France and have a 2001 Landcruiser KDJ95 D4Dautomatic. I live in the middle of nowhere so working out and overcoming problems is an absolute must! I’ve been avoiding getting under the car for many years but as...