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differential lock

  1. J

    Rear diff lock actuator rebuild

    Hey Gents, I hope this helps whomever decides to go through this - took me about 13-15 hours to get this done (+ IDK how many hours of research) In last week I went over the headache of rear diff lock not working. I could hear the actuator when switching diff lock ON and OFF but the red light...
  2. Nickthebizz

    Differential lock on TX Limited kzj95 - 1997

    Hi I am New in here and I am sure there are many experts in here. My grandfather gave me his kzj95 japan import 1997 prado TX Limited. Which does. It have the differential switch on the dashboard. I am wondering, is it just a matter to Fit a switch on or do I also need to change something in...
  3. uHu

    Centre diff.lock actuator

    Two weeks ago when I started the car I heard a sound of a flickering relay. Sounded like behind the RHS kick panel. Tried to remember what was behind there, and started switching things off and on to see if something would stop the relay from flickering. Turned out it was the centre diff.lock...