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  1. CountryBoy136

    Yet ANOTHER 100 Series Draw Build - Advice Welcome Please

    So, with December almost upon us and hopefully some time off to potter... started final planning for a rear drawer storage system for my 100 series. I'd say from the outset that this is not intended as a hard core expedition storage system, but instead drawing from my own experience of these...
  2. Stu156

    Ironman drawers?

    Hi guys, I am after a good set of drawers for the back of the cruiser. I have looked at a few and Westcoast off-road do the Ironman sets with side wings. Has anyone used them or got any experience of them (good or bad) or recommendations for other drawer types? Thanks in advance, Stu.
  3. driftaeu

    Drawers from Drifta

    Hi, I want to post some information about our drawers that we are building in Australia. We got many enquiries from Europe in the past so we decided to give it a go and open an office in Europe. Every unit is custom build so you can get exactly what you want. If you are intressted more info on...
  4. driftaeu

    Hi from Australia

    Hi, I am Jake, living in Australia at the moment. Before that I lived in Czech Republic and Germany. My truck is a 80 Series. Thanks to my work I have it set up for camping where ever I want. I am working for Drifta camping & 4WD. We manufacturing drawer systems and many other products. Just...