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electrical fault

  1. G

    Clock resets to 1.00

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the site. The digital clock in my 100 series keeps resetting itself every time I turn the car off and then on. I read it has lost its power supply but there are no other electrical gremlins happening. How do I fix this?? Does it have a small lithium battery in it that...
  2. Folurteener54

    Model 100 Nav System Faults

    Navigation System Faults - Edited for Clarity - Found fault/failures of Nav system circuits for; Map(voice), Dest, Menu functions. - Functions; Climate, Trip Info and Display work. Alternatives - Hi Tech Electronic Services: Ship Display unit A) $200 to $500 w/Nav or $200 to $450 without...
  3. J

    Low Voltage - Dash illumination, Clock & Radio power

    Hi All Vehicle 1993 80 Series; HZJ80 My dash illumination, clock and radio are not works so I set about looking for the issue. I am not the best on electrical issues but understand the basics, I think…! Can anyone help. Ignition voltage a healthy +12v Constant Battery Voltage is a dismal...
  4. keith97

    Lights coming on when switched off

    New here, first post. My 97 3.0L diesel LC has developed a bad habit of turning on the headlights even when the switch is OFF. Has anyone else had this fault? I'm not sure whether the switch is faulty or if it's wiring damaged. Only the headlights are coming on, not the tail lights when it...