Model 100 Nav System Faults


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Mar 21, 2015
Santa Fe
Navigation System Faults - Edited for Clarity

- Found fault/failures of Nav system circuits for; Map(voice), Dest, Menu functions.
- Functions; Climate, Trip Info and Display work.

- Hi Tech Electronic Services:
Ship Display unit A) $200 to $500 w/Nav or $200 to $450 without. (I have no affiliation)
- Leave as is, use I Phone for nav.

Secondary issues
- CD changer - non functional, disconnected. (suspected penny coin fell into unit, caused short)
- Radio/antenna fuse circuit failures - unresolved.

- replace entire radio unit with modern audio, Bluetooth from Beat Sonic. (I have no affiliation)
- Return to dealer and waste another $450 on fruitless diagnosis.
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