engine failure

  1. T

    After change batteries car won’t start

    Hi I have problem with start engine. Everything looks good with electric stuff and starter is working but car won’t start. I have a few keys , two masters and one subkey. When I used subkey immo indicator light is not showing. That same is happening for first master key but when I used second...
  2. MZ_prado

    1kz-te shutting down by itself! (engine failure) Help....

    1kz-te shutting down by itself! (engine failure?) Help.... Hi there. After running my spouse's KZJ71 M/T 1kz-te 3000cc engine for a couple of minutes, being it in the morning or any other time of the day (as long as it asent been runed any time before of the day), the engine shuts down by...
  3. Crispin

    120 D4D injector recall

    I found the details for the injector seals recall. You should be getting an email / letter / phone call from them if you are affected but just in case, you can check yourself. Model Vin Range Manufacture date KDJ125 JTE AZ29J# 00019035-00050831 June,2004 Through October,2007...
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