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engine swap

  1. R

    Which is best swap for LJ78 please consider power & fuel ecnomical

    Hi Guys, I am Rizwan Bunce from Sialkot Pakistan, i have LJ 78 which is already swapped with 1KZ and transmission is A343F, i am facing shifting problem also fuel consumption is too much 4 to 5 km/l in local and max 8.5km/l on highway. i want to swap for these 2 reasons, Can you please refer me...
  2. B

    75 series engine conversion....

    So here’s an update on my 75 series conversion. As some of you know, I’m dropping a 2UZ into it. So far, firstly, it fits The first issue, not thought about, is the radiator.. Does anyone have a suggestion as to what will fit, which would suit a 2UZ, that isnt custom. Also, for the people...
  3. A

    1hdtfte to 1hz engine swap

    Hi guys I'm new here I have 1997 75series that has rolled I can get a 1996 75 series that had a 1hdtfte in it. How hard is the swap to put a 1hz into it? Thankyou in advance
  4. Stretched 75

    Newbie in process of doing conversion

    Hi all stretched 75 here. From Australia. I've had the big girl about 5 years now, the 1hz has done 690.000 kms she's out now and have just bolted up a 1hd fte wirring loom yet to be done.. she's an x loggers 4x4. Hence the extra length in middle of chassis to carry a fuel tank 24/7. If some...
  5. Reece21

    FJ60 Engine trouble in need of some serious guidance!

    Hey to all, I'm a new member, and I'm in need of some advice! I currently own a 1984 FJ60. The engine locked up after the front crank pulley nut came off. I spoke with the previous owner and he recommended I do a remove and repair with a machine shop. I spoke with a few automotive...
  6. Sammy hart

    327 chev and a five speed hj47

    Gday guys I've just finished the engine rebuild for my hj47 and am looking g to put a 5 speed and transfer case behind it wanting to know what 5 speed is recommended was thinking a 60 series box? Also any help with a handbrake set up will be great to thank you loads guys Sammy in Australia
  7. B

    Engine Advice Please

    I am painfully new here and need some advice. I have a '78 FJ40 that I used to drive in college 20 years ago. Now I am trying to rebuild it for my son to drive. It had been sitting in a garage for the last 10 years when I took it to a mechanic to get started. The number 3 cylinder is seized...