hdj 80

  1. S

    An 'is this amount of rust OK' thread...

    Hi all, Looking for an 80 and have found a couple which looked OK from the outside but MOT history revealed a long and bitter battle with rust... As a former defender owner I am quite aware of what damage rust can do to a car, and I think I'm right in saying that in LCs body rust is a bigger...
  2. J

    Parts needed urgent!

    hi all, New to this forum, I have a 1991 hdj80 12 valve and I am stuck for a couple of parts. I need: •high pressure oil pipe from engine block which runs to vacuum pump. • mail diesel pipe which runs from where you fill up to the tank. If anybody could help I would appreciate it as I am...
  3. StarCruiser

    My Cruiser

    I came to realise over the weekend that I'm well and truly on the slippery slope now so decided it's time for a general thread on my truck. I'll be adding stuff as I go along (to both the truck and the thread) :-). It's an HDJ 81 12v 1HD-T Auto. Around 165000 on the clock but the first 90,000...
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