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Hotwiring a new rear locker stuck in closed position


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Jan 19, 2016
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Is there a way to hotwire a rear locker stuck in a closed position? I just replaced my broken rear locker with a brand new one because the old one did not work anymore. The casing was completely rotted and broken because of galvanic corrosion. The new locker came in the closed position so I moved the arm inside the diff and installed the locker. The light on the dashboard shows the locker being in the locked position (not blinking) but I am unable to unlock it. I suspect that there is a relay on the diff lock ecu that is bad or that somewhere in the wiring there is something wrong. But before I figure that all out I want to be able to drive the 80, so my question is can I hotwire it safely somehow?

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You can put 12v for no more than 4 seconds accross the 2 pins in the plug on the locker to open/lock it. If you do this and locker doesn't instantly work then reverse the polarity ie swap round pos and neg on the pins. I'm told a 9v battery will work also but have never tried myself. Whatever you do dont power it up for more than the 4 seconds or you will toast it.
Yes they can be hotwired. I did it a few years ago and as far as I can remember I put a wire bridge in the connector and + and - 12v.

I had to replace the rear locker on my 80 too.
Had to replace the wiring on the rear axle as well. All had melted together.
Relay in ecu was burnt as well.
These are standard omron relays. Easy replacable with soldering iron.
thanks,I got the locker to unlock by putting voltage on the 2 an 3 connector pin.

Is there a way to test the relays to see if they are working? The only thing that stands out is that I get 12V over pin 2 and 13 while the manual says I should get 0,5V or less

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I put 12V over the 2 power pins (measured 290ohms so I thought I had the right ones) and alot of sparks later I have blown traces all over my ECU.

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A bit late but just throwing this in, yes you can use a 9 volt battery, its my preference.


Using a small 9v battery is definitely a good idea for testing 12v circuits on PCB's and is usually enough to operate relays like the ones shown above. Applying 12v straight from the vehicles battery is asking for trouble. With 9v there's usually far less smoke if you get it wrong.