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  1. jaimezuniga

    Hello! I have 3 old land Cruisers

    hello friends my name is Jaime from Costa Rica I have 3 different Land Cruisers, for Many years ago I have an BJ40, recently I have a HDJ100 LC 100 2001 and in project have a HZJ75 1991
  2. GrahamR

    HDJ100/1HD-FTE Turbo exhaust flange

    Hi guys (and girls if there are any on here?), I'm trying to source a suitable (preferably stainless) 3 hole flange (yes yes... queue dirty jokes) for my 100 series turbo. I've ordered an exhaust from Oz and it's got the 4 hole flange on the dump pipe... Apparently all HDJ100's over there have...
  3. D

    Hdj100 engine power surging

    Hey guys ive got a 100 series landcruiser I need help finding a fault. Ive got a hdj100 with a 1hd-fte manual transmission. Ive got a problem when i drive over bumps the engine cuts in and out. Sort of feels like engine surges. It also does it if i change gear a little bit to hard and make the...
  4. Marpey

    import and insurance in the UK of foreign registered LC100 (2004)

    Having taken up residence in the UK , I'm planning to import my Land Cruiser HDJ100 (2004) TD 4.2, left hand drive, (some modifications - suspensions, extra fuel tank, spare wheel holder) currently registered in France. Has anyone had a similar experience? Any particular problems I may be...
  5. Carbonleg

    Error Code B1181 - Open in D Squib (2nd Step) Circuit

    Out with the old and in with the new - airbag light on my '05 HDJ100R 4.2 TD had started to come on - was diagnosed at my dealer as code B1181. The D squib (2nd step) circuit consists of the airbag sensor assy centre, spiral cable sub-assy and horn button assy. This has four DTC Detecting...
  6. GH010893 1 - YouTube

    GH010893 1 - YouTube

    Landcruiser Hdj 100 Restaurering. 1998 modell
  7. Imran omar

    UZJ100 Sunroof Issue

    Hey need some help. So I been restoring my LC bit by bit. When I bought the car sunroof was fine now it kinda starts to open but doesn't open. I may have previously cleaned it too well and not greased it again. I hope it's not jammed cables etc. Is it easy to remove the glass so I could try...
  8. Marpey

    HDJ100 upgrading suspension system

    Hello. New to LC Club, new to LC ownership (5 months), very new to overlanding (this month) have just completed a France-Italy-Slovenia-...Turkey-Iran- ... ferry Bandar Abbas to Sharjah ... -Dubai trip. My LC, in spite of its (or her? or his?) 240,000 km has performed beautifully. And the...
  9. T

    HDJ100 Active Height Control - Toyota Repair/Service Manual + OBD-2 plug

    Hello! For now several days, I am looking for the right Toyota repair/service manual which would present the AHC system for my [early] 2005 HDJ100. I have already found this link (a 6000 [!] page manual) [3w] (it seems I am not allowed to put it as an url before...