Error Code B1181 - Open in D Squib (2nd Step) Circuit

Carbonleg Apr 6, 2019

  1. Carbonleg

    Carbonleg New Member Supporter I am in uk

    Out with the old and in with the new - airbag light on my '05 HDJ100R 4.2 TD had started to come on - was diagnosed at my dealer as code B1181. The D squib (2nd step) circuit consists of the airbag sensor assy centre, spiral cable sub-assy and horn button assy. This has four DTC Detecting conditions:
    • Open circuit in D+ wire harness or D- wire harness of squib
    • D Squib (2nd step) malfunction
    • Spiral cable sub-assy malfunction
    • Airbag sensor assay centre malfunction.
    A few videos exist on You Tube which go into this but not specifically for the Amazon model. However the principal behind most is the same and in my view from reading numerous comments it is generally an issue with the Clock Spring (Spiral cable sub-assy malfunction) - If you take the old component apart, over time and use, this can brake next to the contact ends (my girl has done 313K miles so probably understandable). In my case the horn and cruise control still worked. Not having attempted anything like this before, I was amazed at how straight forward when armed with correct tools, advice and replacement parts and a substantial save on dealer fitting which I understand can fall into the many hundreds....

    Tool List:
    • Ratchet with 19mm Socket
    • T30 Torx Bit or Driver
    • 3" Ratchet Extension
    • Small Flathead Screwdriver
    • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
    • 10mm Crescent Wrench or socket
    • Trim removal tool
    • Marker
    • Torque wrench
    NB: I got away without requiring a Steering Wheel Puller Kit

    Thanks goes to Milner Off Road who had the specific clock spring part item in stock and delivered overnight and true to their promise of 5% discount for LCC members:

    STEERING HUB CLOCK SPRING / SQUIB / AIRBAG SPRING (OEM 84306-60080) for Toyota Uk / Europe Land Cruiser HDJ100 - 4.2TD 1998-8/2007 UK

    All now working - a good mornings work. IMG_0417.JPG IMG_0418.JPG
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  2. uHu

    uHu Well-Known Member Supporter I am in norway

    Gr8 writeup. Tnx for sharing.
    Did you do any precautions like disconnecting battery for half an hour before working on airbags?
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  3. Carbonleg

    Carbonleg New Member Supporter I am in uk

    uHu - yes safety as always a priority - I disconnected both negative terminals on dual battery system for 30 mins. Advice is shorter. Also when removing airbag, I did this from the side and not sitting in the drivers seat as is often shown in the videos. Important point is stacking the airbag metal base down just in case. A further point of note is to leave the steering wheel nut a few turns loose on the spindle whilst freeing the steering wheel so that it does not fly off and hit you!
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